Sunday, January 30, 2011

ACTHA Searches for Horse Reality TV Stars

ANY horse can's how it works!

Stage 1 - Attend an Audition near you!

When? April 9 - April 24, 2011. Entries are limited!

You will be notified of your day/time/location via mail/email/phone at least 10 days before your audition.

All applications for auditions must be received on or before March 31st, 2011. However, reservations are considered according to space availability in your region and in your age division.

Where? ACTHA will come to you.

Thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of entries already received, the following locations have been selected so far!

See list of cities here

How? About 100 horses will be selected as finalists from the regional auditions. They will be represented from 2 age divisions, over 45 and under 45 (must be at least 21 on the day of the audition). Each region will be amply represented in the national finals with a minimum of 10 finalists selected from each region.

During your approximate 5 minute audition we will be looking for horse personality, finesse, cadence, and athleticism.

Cost? The cost for an audition is $149* There are no additional entry fees for those moving on to stage 2.

(Those needing financial assistance to make the trip to the national finals will have the opportunity to request help.)

Refunds? All audition reservations are 100% refundable (or at your option credited towards other ACTHA activities) as long as you inform us of your change in plans before 3/15/11.

Make your horse a Star! Auditions will be selectively filmed and featured on National and ACTHA TV (coming soon).

A commemorative T-shirt will be given to each participant.

Stage 2 - The National Finals, getting ready for America's vote!

All regional winners will be invited to come to the National Finals at the Franklin Family Ranch, near Austin, Texas May 8th - 12th, 2011. From here on, national celebrities will "coach" you to be the best you can be for the cameras and America's viewers!

Festivities will include:

* A six mile judged Competitive Trail Challenge to be enjoyed by ALL FINALISTS. This CTC will be held on one of ACTHA's most beautiful ranch venues.
* Several days of schooling and being "coached" on a wide array of ACTHA's trail obstacles. Ample time will be given during the week for question and answer sessions as well as interviews.
* Clinics and seminars from ACTHA's Founders and celebrity clinicians, complete with ample time for question and answer sessions.
* Tours of local area attractions.
* All of the above will be filmed to convey horse personality, style, and abilities for the American audience to vote for America's Favorite Trail Horse.

A commemorative DVD and sponsors' gifts will be given to each national finalist.

Awards by America's Vote:

In at least 10 selected episodes America will vote for their favorite horse. The horse with the most votes will win $5,000 for that day's performance. (Can only be won once per contestant ).

On Nationally TV, America's vote will pick America's Favorite Trail Horse Grand Prize Winners!

1st place - $25,000

2nd place - $15,000

3rd place - $10,000

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