Monday, January 24, 2011

Spain: Interview with Jose Manuel Soto Kaliber organizer of Andalucia

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Monday January 24 2011

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La Vanguardia newspaper interview José Manuel Soto , Kaliber organizer of Andalucia, the world's longest Raid.
This is the interview José Manuel:

" Even horses need an illusion of course "
I am 50 years good or bad rider is at any age.
I was born in Seville, marking a lot: the people of Seville are terrible migrants.
Married, three grown children, thank God.
The horse does not give satisfaction to a motorcycle.
Seville 25 years I've been singing and pulled hard.
Running slowly

Before I get on the subway, I raise unlimited spaces I've seen go at a gallop (in the promotional video) to the participants of the raid Kaliber under the April sky Andalusia.
I feel a little less miserable when I think those accomplished riders joyful ride the sands of El Rocio, Grazalema streams, the dunes of Doñana, the slopes of Round or the snows of Veleta but pending the clock and GPS
"Soto told me that the Spanish are lost?, So when we talk in Seville, I propose that, in addition to the raid, arrange a ride Andalusian horses for beginners with no hurry, which is the best way to go further in these times...

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