Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mongol Derby Champion of Texas to Return in 2011 - Full Article

Texan farrier-come-adventurer Justin Nelzen, winner of the second Mongol Derby last summer, is a confirmed entrant in the 2011 competition. The Mongol Derby is a self-guided, 1000-km adventure race cross the Mongolian steppe. The race takes place in one of the world's last remaining wildernesses and birthplace of the largest land empire ever created. Having had the ride of a lifetime last August, Nelzen is keen to defend his title and better his achievement. A former U.S. Marine, world champion martial artist, marathon runner, triathlete and more recently international endurance rider, Nelzen will be adding to an impressive tally of sporting and adventuring honors.

The Mongol Derby isthe longest multi-horse race in the world, and one of the most grueling equine adventures. At the heart of the Mongol Derby is the horse station system, called Urtuus in Mongolian...

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