Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Fort Howes
June 16 2011

On June 11 in Ashland, Montana, Meg Sleeper and Syrocco Harmony won the CEI1* with a time of 04:38:00. Syrocco Harmony was also rewarded with the best conditioned award. Heather Stevens and Aireagle came in second with a time of 05:44:00, while Suzanne Hayes and The Sam Man took third with at time of 05:49:01. In the CEI1* held the following day, Ellen and Eryn Rapp had a very close one-two finish with times of 05:27:59 and 05:28:02 respectively. Heather Stevens and Dangerous Kra rounded out the top three with a time of 07:49:46. Ellen Rapp's GuessWhozGotIt won the best conditioned award in the CEI1*. Kelsey Kimbler and HV Cimmarons Goliath won the CEIJY1* with a time of 05:28:03. The pair also won the best conditioned award.

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