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Mangalee ready for 630-mile horse race - Full Article

June 28 2011

Written by David Biggy | Staff Writer

HOWELL — Sophia Mangalee was down a training horse after the sale of Phoenix over the weekend. So rather than go to Harmony Hill on Monday, she spent extra time at Celtic Charms, doing her best to get her body acclimated to riding many horses over long stretches of time.

After all, in about five weeks, that’s what is going to be required when Mangalee takes on the Mongol Derby, a 630-mile race across the steppes of Mongolia — also dubbed the longest horse race in the world.

“Physically, I want to peak right about the time of the race and not before,” said Mangalee, Monmouth Park’s marketing manager from Eatontown. “Mentally, I’m ready. Without a doubt, I’m ready for it.”

On July 30, Mangalee will fly out of Newark Liberty International Airport to Beijing, and then fly from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, before beginning preparations for the Derby on Aug. 2 and pre-race training the following three days.

On Aug. 6, Mangalee and 20 other riders from across the world will begin the race, and from there, through 1,000 kilometers, it will be Mangalee and 30-35 semi-wild Mongolian horses. The race must be completed within 10 days or less.

Mangalee believes it will take seven or eight days if she is going to win. And she intends to win...

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