Sunday, June 05, 2011

A different breed of horse race - Full Article

By Rachel Finney, The World The World | Posted: Saturday, June 4, 2011

This isn't the Kentucky Derby.

The horses are built for distance and agility. Races range from 50 to 100 miles, and cover sand, water, rocks, cliffs and everything in between. Events contain major competitors all the way down to casual riders.

It's called endurance riding, and it's unlike most other horse races. Atop svelte Arabian horses, riders race over long distances through remote backcountry, though it's much more than just a stampede to the finish line.

Lisa Tine and boyfriend Chris Amaral, of Coos Bay, both have been endurance riders for many years. They try to get to five or six races each summer, hauling their horses on Fridays to weekend events around Oregon, Washington and California.

Tine said though finishing quickly is a goal, endurance races also rely on a healthy horse...

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