Thursday, July 14, 2011

Easycare Announces the Much-Anticipated Launch of the New Easyboot Glove Wide

July 13 2011
Tucson, Arizona

EasyCare announced today the much-anticipated launch of the new Easyboot Glove Wide.

"This is the perfect time to bring this boot to market," said Garrett Ford, president and CEO of EasyCare. "Since its launch in 2009, the Easyboot Glove has proved itself as the most reliable horse hoof boot in the world. The addition of the new Easyboot Glove Wide caters to the horse whose feet are wider than long."

A limited number of boots will be available directly from EasyCare starting on August 1, 2011, with a second wave of product becoming available by the end of that month.

"We've spent a lot of time working with our customers and our worldwide dealer network in order to properly understand the size and shape of hooves in this market segment," said Brian Mueller, EasyCare's director of sales. "The dimensions of this boot have been determined through analysis of a massive database of hoof profiles."

The Glove Wide is available in half sizes from 0 through 3.

Review the Easyboot Glove Wide size chart to see if this boot is for your horse.

Place your Easyboot Glove Wide order online or call our one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-447-8836. Customers who wish to purchase this boot should place their orders immediately.

For more information on horse hoof boots, please visit the EasyCare website and the EasyCare blog. For questions from dealers, please contact Brian Mueller , Director of Sales. For all additional questions, contact Kevin Myers, Director of Marketing.

EasyCare Inc. Vision: We will be the global innovator in hoof care solutions that enhance the horse/human relationship.

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