Saturday, July 23, 2011

Endurance Ride to take place in Bridger Valley this weekend - Full Article

Posted: Friday, Jul 22nd, 2011


Pioneer Sports Reporter

Horseback riders in Uinta county will have a chance to compete in the �I Know You Rider� endurance ride this weekend in Bridger Valley.

�This is our first, hopefully, annual endurance ride that we have managed,� said Beth Beuzis, Ride Manager.

She said the event, sanctioned American Endurance Riders Conference and the Arabian Horse Association, will be held on Friday and Saturday.

"We have a 15-mile loop on the BLM which is good, two track footing. It's a little bit rough, but not bad. It's really sandy footing," she said.

Beuzis said the event would be open to all ages, though junior riders (age 16 and under) are required to wear helmets as per AERC rules and regulations.

"There are rides all over nationally through the American Endurance Riders Conference. They sanction the rides, and keep track of a horse's mileage and rider's mileage. They give awards for milestones that are reached," she said..

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