Saturday, July 09, 2011

Wanted: Your Problem Horse

Stephenville, Texas (July 8, 2011) – Are you fed up, frustrated or downright scared of your horse’s disrespectful behavior and bad habits? Clinician Clinton Anderson is on the hunt for the country’s worst problem horses to showcase on his award-winning television show “Downunder Horsemanship” that airs on Fox Sports Net and RFD-TV. Whether your horse is dangerous on the ground, reckless under saddle or uncontrollable on the trail, Clinton wants to help – for free!

We are specifically looking for horses with the following problems:

On the Ground and Under Saddle:

* Bites
* Can’t Worm
* Aggressive in the Stall
* Afraid of Fly Spray
* Aggressive at Feed Time
* Can’t Blanket
* Spooky
* Kicks out when Groomed
* Bathing Problems
* Leading Problems
* Can’t Handle Legs
* Won’t Stand Still for Mounting
* Head Shy
* Buddy/Barn Sour
* Hard to Bridle
* Arena Sour
* Pulls Back when Tied Up
* Bolts
* Hard to Catch
* Rears
* Trailering Problems
* Cinchy/Saddling Problems
* Afraid of Clippers
* Can’t Give Vaccinations
* Won’t Stop
* Won’t Go Forward

On the Trail:

* Trouble Crossing Obstacles – Water, Logs, Gullies, Bridges, etc.
* Spooky at Objects – Other Animals, Vehicles, etc.
* Bites other Horses
* Kicks out at other Horses
* Races Ahead when Ridden in a Group
* “Fresh” when Ridden on Trails
* Jigging
* Grass Snatching

Selected horses and their owners will be invited to the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, Texas to work one-on-one with Clinton while cameras roll. Renowned for his step-by-step instruction, no nonsense approach to horsemanship and ability to get inside a horse’s mind, Clinton has worked with thousands of horses and their owners to help them build a mutually safe and enjoyable partnership.

To apply, visit the Downunder Horsemanship website and click on the “Problem Horse TV Application” link on the lower right hand of the screen. All applications must be accompanied with a short video illustrating the horse’s problem at its worst. The better able you are to catch your horse’s dangerous behavior in action, the better chance you have of getting Clinton’s help at no cost to yourself. Act quickly, only a selected number of horses will be chosen for this unique opportunity.

To hear Clinton explain what he’s looking for, follow this link

No phone calls please. Only applicants chosen will be contacted.

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