Monday, October 03, 2011

It Has Nothing to Do with Age

October 3 2011

Frank Lieberman has written "It Has Nothing to Do with Age: Stories of driven athletes who compete in extraordinary Sports", a testimonial to the 65 and older age group who push their physical, mental, and emotional limits to unfathomable levels. Explore the underlying motivation of these passionate men and women as they undertake such grueling athletic endeavors as The Tevis Cup, The Hawaiian Ironman, The Molokai to Oahu Outrigger canoe race, and the Swanton Pacific 100 mile Ride and Tie. Let inspiration consume you through the powerful drive and determination of these extreme athletes who undeniably prove they are not defined by their age.(less)

The book was published September 15th 2011 by Winter Goose Publishing and is available at Barnes N Noble and online.

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