Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Easyboot Glove Wins Horse Journal's 2011 Product of the Year Award

January 17 2011

by Kevin Myers
(Tucson, AZ) EasyCare, Inc. has received one of the most prestigious prizes in the horse industry: the Easyboot Glove has been awarded the 2011 Horse Journal Product of the Year.
Launched in 2009, the Glove quickly became the best-selling hoof boot in the world. Sporting an aggressive ergonomically designed tread, the boot is unlike any other horse hoof boot because it has no clips, buckles or wires and can be easily applied to the barefoot hoof. The Glove is known for providing dependable, long-lasting hoof protection over any terrain.
The Product of the Year award follows closely on the heels of the Horse Journal's Best Buy award to the Easyboot Trail hoof boot in November 2011. The Easyboot Trail was designed with value for money and ease of use in mind. The Easyboot Trail's closure system makes it very uncomplicated to use, with no force required to apply or remove it. This makes the boot a top choice for leisure and trail riders. 
These awards are of particular significance because the Easyboot Trail and the Easyboot Glove will be combined into a new hoof boot that is expected to be launched in April, 2011. "If this was a horse pedigree," said Garrett Ford, President and CEO of EasyCare, "and the Easyboot Glove was the sire and the Easyboot Trail was the dam, we would expect an exceptional colt!"
For more information on horse hoof boots, please see the EasyCare website at http://easycareinc.com and the EasyCare blog at http://blog.easycareinc.com. For all questions, contact Kevin Myers, Director of Marketing at marketing@easycareinc.com.
EasyCare Vision: We will be the global innovator in hoof care solutions that enhance the horse/human relationship.

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