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Riding the Pony Express Trail: Part 3 with Tom Noll - Full Story and Audio

Reported by Emily Schwing on Dec 30th, 2011

Boise, ID – This summer we introduced you to Boise resident Tom Noll.

He’s an endurance horseman and he spent more than eight weeks this summer on the 2000 mile Pony Express Trail with his horses, Frank and Whiskey. It’s been four months since Noll returned from his trip.

He has a PhD in Econometrics and his coworkers at Idaho Power like to call him Dr. Tom. After he returned from his adventure on the Pony Express trail, they all piled into an auditorium at the power company’s headquarters in down town Boise to hear the doctor’s story. It was standing room only.

“People have written me and said ‘Tom you gave that talk and it gave me the motivation to get up and do something.’ One woman said she was going to do a pilgrimage trip in Europe,” says Noll. “Another person I know, he’s a high altitude climber and he said you know none of us are getting any younger, these are my years and I’m gonna focus on climbing an eight thousand meter peak, so those are… those are things I never thought would happen,” he says.

Since he’s returned, he says his writing at work has become more fluid and creative and he has a new perspective when it comes to some of the quantitative work he does for Idaho Power. Noll’s theory is that the Pony Express Trail got his creative juices flowing...

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