Friday, January 20, 2012

Renew Your AERC Membership Before February 1!

AERC's 2012 ride season is underway -- renew now to keep your points and miles accumulating . . . and your Endurance News delivery each month!

You can easily renew by:

1. Phoning the AERC office (866-271-2372) to renew with a Visa or MasterCard.

2. Renew online:

3. Fill out the paper form and mail it in to the office:

Besides renewing, we hope you are planning to help come to Reno on March 9 & 10 for the AERC convention. We'll be celebrating AERC's 40th anniversary and it should be a spectacular time. As always, the trade show and tack swap guarantee great merchandise, and the awards ceremonies are worthwhile, not to mention the informative and fun seminar program and dance and Hot Topics, and more!

For full details, call the office or click here the convention flyer/registration:

Thanks your your past membership, and we hope to see you back on the trails this year!
The AERC Office Staff
Kathleen, Troy, Suzi, Judy and Rho

P.S. Here's why you should renew before February 1 each year -- per rule 8.2, "Members whose dues are not paid by February 1st will receive no points or miles for rides held between December 1st and the date their membership is restored."

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