Friday, August 03, 2012

SOS - Sweep Riders of the Sierra's

August 3 2012

Sweep Riders Of the Sierra’s (SOS), is an all-volunteer riding group established to provide safety and on-trail communications for endurance events on the Western States Trail and other Northern California locations.

Our responsibility during these events is to "sweep the trail," that is, to follow the last few runners or riders and assure that no one is lost or injured.

Each sweep team is comprised of 2 to 3 riders, sweeping one section of the trail from 7 to 20 miles in length before being relieved by a fresh team. Over some parts of the course, we also deploy a second mounted team in the middle of "the pack" to provide added coverage.

SOS Team Leaders are experienced riders who are also licensed amateur radio operators. Using hand-held HAM equipment, they keep contact with the central Event Control station while traversing the sometimes remote and otherwise inaccessible trail. GPS equipment is also carried so as to provide accurate location information to emergency rescue units, such as MedEvac helicopters.

Team Members each carry a full pack of survival and first aid supplies. In the event of an incident on the trail, involving injuries or otherwise, teams also gather informationfor review by Event management, Comm management and SOS itself.

SOS riders will participate in the Tevis Cup on August 4.

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