Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WEC Bound - Heather Reynolds


by Heather Reynolds
Monday, 13 August 2012

Picture above is of the actual container the 3 horses are loaded into before being put on the plane. That is disinfectant in the pic as well.

After Tevis, on Sunday morning just after the Haggin Cup judging, Jeremy and I loaded up Cleo and Stirgess and headed back to Lake Tahoe. We drove 2+ hours East, unloaded and cared for Stirgess and Cleo and then loaded up Kutt, Marvel and Kingley and headed West.

6 hours of heading West later, around 8 pm we arrived in San Jose at our pasture. Kingley got to go out but Kutt and Marvel were offered a drink and saddled up. We couldn't afford to not ride them as we had an 18 mile beach ride scheduled for 7:30 am Monday morning (low tide) and we did not want a tie up. As we cantered along in the dark, I smiled and laughed as I told Jeremy that I bet no one else who rode Tevis the day before was galloping in the dark on Sunday night!

The beach ride went really well on Monday and Wed. Becky and Pete joined us too. Friday we rode once more and then all throughout the week our amazing body worker, Dixie Snyder worked on us and the horses multiple times. Very awesome.

The horses were scheduled to fly on Tuesday. On Friday we were told that it would be a few days delayed! After a lot of back and forth, the horses needed to be at the airport earlier than the original plan. They needed to be at Jetpets at LAX at 3 pm on Sunday. We carpooled and had all three horses in Becky and Judith's rig by 8 am and we were headed South...

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