Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The “Easy Team” Takes Top Four Places in the Western States 100-Mile Trail Ride

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August 13 2012
by Genie Stewart-Spears

Of the 206 competitors that left the starting line on August 4, 2012, in the 57th Annual 100-Mile Western States Trail Ride (aka Tevis Cup), only 98 would cross the finish line within the 24-hour timeline and receive their well-deserved belt buckle. For most, that was the only quest — to earn the prestigious belt buckle. But for a few, the goal was to win or top ten the event that traverses the rugged and sometimes dangerous and unforgiving Sierra Nevada mountains and canyons.

Past Tevis winners and current U.S. World Championship team members going to Great Britain this month (on different horses), Jeremy and Heather Reynolds were strong contenders but were unable to complete. Jeremy was out within 4 miles of the start when his horse went off the trail and plunged 25-30 feet down a cliff. Reynolds was battered but okay, and his mare Cleopatrah (*Calin De Louve x SRF Calera) required sutures from the fall. His wife Heather was going strong on Stirgess (*Virgule Al Maury x Star Path) with the leaders until 85 miles, when a sudden lameness took her from the competition. Although disappointed, Heather said, “We got rid of any bad luck so London should really be awesome!...”

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