Monday, January 07, 2013

Carla Richardson and SS Kharady Khid +/ Reach 9000 Miles

January 7 2013

After completing Day 3 of the Death Valley Encounter Pioneer in California on December 30 2012, Carla Richardson and her 12-year-old gelding SS Kharady Khid +/ both reached the 9000-mile AERC mileage mark, in just 5 years of competing together.

Carla and Khid were featured in my article in June of 2011 when they hit the 5000-mile mark:

Kharady Khid +/ is now currently 24th in the AERC Lifetime Miles rank, and Khid and Carla show no signs of slowing down yet.

"Onward to 10,000 miles for 2013!" Carla said.

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