Friday, May 16, 2014

Grand Raffle for Tevis Trail's Swinging Bridge

The preliminary estimate for the Swinging Bridge repair is $150,000. Government funds are limited so the WSTF and the WSERF are partnering on bridge restoration.

Like a Phoenix, the Swinging Bridge will rise again! But it’s going to take time and money to make the hefty repairs.   With your help, we can do this!

To help meet our share of the costs some of our sponsors have donated merchandise that we are offering in our Grand Raffle for the Swinging Bridge. The prizes include:

1. A spectacular Tevis Memory Quilt by Crazy Horse Quilting donated by Dorothy Miller
2. A Skito Saddle pad donated by Tom Clark
3. A RevitaVet Therapy IR2 Complete Light System donated by Tom Neuman
4. A Rubicon Endurance Saddle by The Arabian Saddle Co. – Walsall, England donated by Bev Gray
5. An animal portrait by Kimberly Ann Carter donated by Kimberly Ann

TICKETS are $5 each / 5 TICKETS for $20
13 TICKETS for $50 / 30 TICKETS for $100

The DRAWING will take place on August 10, 2014 at the Awards Ceremony for the Tevis Cup Ride, Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, California.  You need not be present to WIN!

Purchase tickets through the Tevis Store Here »

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