Saturday, October 11, 2014

2014 AHA Distance Horse of the Year Award Nomination Deadline Extended

October 11 2014

Submission deadline for Arabian Horse Association's Distance Horse of the Year has been extended to November 1. This award recognizes the significant accomplishment of an Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian Horse in the distance sports. Persons who wish to have their horse considered for this award or persons who know of an outstanding horse to be considered for this award must complete the official nomination FORM and submit it to the AHA office by November 1 2014.

Description of the criteria is as follows:

Arabian Handbook description
1. Purpose. This award is to recognize the significant accomplishment of an Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian Horse in the distance sports. As this is a special, significant recognition award there may be years when there is not a recipient.
2. Procedure.
a. The owner of the nominated horse must be a current Competition Card member of AHA in the nomination year. (BOD 2/11)
b. A nominated horse must be registered with the Arabian Horse Association, Canadian Arabian Horse Registry or the Canadian Partbred Arabian Registry.
1) The horse must be living at the time of nomination.
2) The horse to have competed in the year it was nominated.
3) There is no requirement for the horse to have competed in an AHA regional and/or national events.
4) Award is to be based on the horse’s overall distance career. Emphasis is to be placed on the horse’s overall miles and years in competition.
5) Endurance and CTR both to count. (BOD 2/11)
c. Any AHA member can nominate a horse by completing the official nomination form available on the AHA website or the AHA office.
d. A member’s horse may be nominated more than once, but may be selected for the award only once.
e. Nomination deadline is September 1st of each calendar year.
f. The Award Sub-Committee (Awards, AHA Distance Ride Commission and Distance Ride Committee Chairs plus two at-large from the Distance Committee for a total of 5 members) will make the selection at the annual AHA Convention. (BOD 2/11)
g. The owner of the chosen horse agrees to allow AHA to use a picture of the horse and his winning criteria both within AHA publications (magazine, website & brochures) as well as publications outside AHA.
3. Description. A bronze sculpture, designed by Joe Staheli, with a wooden base that includes plates for the engraving of the annual winners was purchased by AHOF and will be displayed in the AHA office. The award for each annual winner will be a suitable award presented to each recipient.

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