Thursday, November 20, 2014

2015 AERC Rule Changes

The following changes, effective 12/1/14, have been adopted by vote of the AERC Board of Directors.

• Equines must be 6 years of age (72 mo.) to start a one-day 100 mile ride. (Rule 3.1)

• Equines must have a body condition score between 3 and 8 to start an AERC ride. (3.4)

• All AERC rides, both limited distance and endurance, must have at least one check- point and hold. (2.1.7)

• Please carefully read over rule and 6.2.1-, detailing changes to the time to meet criteria.

• An initial triage and treatment plan must be in place for all AERC rides. (Sanction Form)

• Recovery pulse rate at the finish is lowered from 68 bpm to 64 bpm (although that may be raised in documented extreme weather conditions). (

• Low-dose omeprazole (at the preventive dosage of 1 mg/kg/day) will be allowable. It is still prohibited to use omeprazole at the full 4 mg/kg/day “treatment” dose at any time during competition. (Drug Rule Appendices)

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