Sunday, November 02, 2014

National horse endurance race here - Full Article

October 30 2014
By ANNETTE WHITE Tribune Staff Writer

The American Endurance Ride Conference kicked off its national championship event yesterday at the Priefert sales hangar.

The endurance race, which features the top riders and horses from across the nation, began Thursday at 6 a.m. with a 100-mile race and will wrap up Saturday with a 50-mile circuit.

“The 100-mile circuit is tough,” Michael Campbell, president of AERC, said. “They not only have to go that distance, but they have to complete it within 24 hours.”

Campbell said riders and horses train extensively for these races.

“This isn’t necessarily about who necessarily comes out first, but who finishes,” Campbell said. “The AERC motto says it all, to finish is to win.”

Racers from each circuit can expect to take home prizes for completing the race, while the winner will claim the national champion trophy...

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