Tuesday, November 04, 2014

How Many Trips To The Well? Insights From A Sleep-Deprived Ride Manager

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by Patti Stedman
October 5 2014

Being an AERC Ride Manager has its challenges.

Chiropractors from all over will soon be summoned as those who have taken it on nod in near-violent agreement.

There are so many reasons we throw in the towel, permanently or temporarily, or contemplate doing so.

Perhaps writing about it all after a weekend of only a smattering of sleep is unwise. I recognize that I’m exhausted, and on an emotional tidal wave, teary and touched with joy and gratitude, then frustrated by the “why do we do this?” moments that every Ride Manager knows all too well.

Ride management means worrying. Over the course of the last ten days I’ve worried over the following: Too many entries (since we have a limited camp size), too few entries (since a horrible forecast and the usual attrition meant they were dropping like flies in the seventy-two hours before the ride), the weather (which I’ve learned I can do nothing about but fret over nonetheless), my newbie riders, having enough food and lodging for all of my volunteers and riders and the others who pop by for a free meal (I didn’t, but a last minute grocery run fixed that), the interstate construction near our ride camp, whether the trail markings would stay up (many didn’t), the last minute porta-potty charge from the Park, and the condition of our trails (which like most, are not made better by a deluge of rain)...

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