Thursday, March 26, 2015

At 84, he's not just any old Ironman - Full Article

by Theo Merz
8:29AM GMT 25 Mar 2015

You swim for 2.4 miles, then you cycle for 112 miles. Then you run a marathon. Often in the heat, sometimes with the wind against you.

Even the idea of the Ironman triathlon – which is held all around the world and widely considered to be among the toughest endurance races going – is enough to make most men in their twenties quake.

And yet Lew Hollander, an 84-year-old from Oregon, USA, is now preparing for his 59th such race – and gearing up to break the Guinness World Record for oldest competitor, which he set himself at the age of 82.

“Use it or lose it,” Hollander says when asked the secret of his longevity. “Don’t say, ‘Ow, my knee hurts’. If you get out and use it, your body will tend to make it better again...”

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