Tuesday, September 15, 2015

AERC Board Meeting September 14

The American Endurance Ride Conference held a Board of Director's meeting by telephone conference call September 14, 2015.

Items of business included:

1) Summary of membership numbers and ride fees comparing current year to previous year:
Total membership, rider fees and new memberships are higher at this point in time than last year.
Sanction Fees collected are lower.
(exact numbers will be reported in the minutes of the meeting)

2) Approval of the Antelope Island ride site in Utah as the 2016 AERC National Championship site. Ride manager Jeff Stuart submitted the bid application with a scheduled date of September 30 - October 1. The ride site is 40 miles from Salt Lake City and offers varied terrain as well as camping amenities.

3) Approval of a Trails Grant for the Vesuvius Lake Loop Project, a cooperative project supported by Elkins Creek Horse Club, Wayne National Forest and OAATS, Inc. Elkins Creek Horse Camp is the site of Black Sheep Boogie and Gobble til' you Wobble endurance rides. The grant will provide up to $5k in materials and/or rental of special equipment.

3) A motion requesting the formation of an Ad Hoc committee to review the policies, procedures and organizational structure for providing legal assistance to the Board of Directors was not approved. The majority of directors felt that the current policy of appointing one individual as Legal Counsel, with the ability of the Executive Director to seek further opinions if deemed necessary was working well and no change was desired.

Steph Teeter
Northwest Regional Director

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