Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015 AHA Distance Nationals

September 10-13, 2015

This year's Distance Nationals were held at Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area in Tennessee. They provided some of the deepest competition in the past several years. Even with the challenging terrain, an average 80% of the Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian riders completed in good condition.

Sudi Lenhart and A Long Way to El Paso won the AHA Purebred 100-Mile Championship in 13:17. The also received Best Condition honors. Margaret Clare Summers and LR Georgie Girl were Reserve Champions. There were 9 starters and 5 completions.

Gunnar Frank and MI Clever Ansata won the AHA Half-Angle Arabian 100-Mile Championship in 16.31
4 starters, 4 completions. Lori Dinkelman and DCL Mooi Roccoby Baby were Reserve Champions and Best Condition winners.

Heather Reynolds and Bound for Honor were the AHA Purebed 50-Mile Championship winners in 5:10. Barbara Hershberger and Kenlyn Irishman were Reserve Champions. There were 14 starters and 13 completions. Best Condition went to fourth place Cheryl Newman and JS Comet.

Wendy Justice and Rococo Amber were the AHA Half-Angle Arabian 50-Mile Championship winners in 6:17. They also won the Best Condition Award. Margaret Clare Summers and Mardi Gras Tuesday were Reserve Champions. There were 6 starters and 5 completions.

Jitske Miedema-Staker and CR Mighty Grace were the AHA Purebred CTR Champions with a score of 193.50. Reserve Champions went to Jean Shaw and AM Radiant Force.

Cheryl Van Deusen and Snake Eyes Leroy were the AHA Half Anglo Arabian CTR Champions with a score of 196.00. Reserve Champions were Nancy Sluys and FYF InZane+/.

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