Monday, October 19, 2015

Fredon teen rides to national championship - Full Article

Posted: Oct 18, 2015


STILLWATER — Maddy was showing her independent streak, her owner explained, as the horse stood in the pasture, one of two horses that refused to be caught and led out of the wind and flurries.

“She really does have a mind of her own,” added Bryna Stevenson. “She has an attitude of like, ‘I’m better than you. Prove me wrong!”

Earlier this month in Orkney Springs, Va., Maddy and Stevenson proved they were the better pair in the country, capturing the 100-mile American Endurance Ride Conference National Championship in Stevenson’s weight category — featherweight, designated as 160 pounds or less with saddle and tack.

There were five categories in the national championship: junior, featherweight, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. There were no entries in the junior division and no team finished in the heavyweight division.

The pair also was judged to be “best conditioned,” and since they won both those titles, they also cantered away with the highest score...

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