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Lew Hollander: The Man in the Mirror

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October 6 2015
by Lisa Dolbear

As IRONMAN’s oldest competitor, Lew Hollander prepares for Kona through reflection, accountability, and fun.

Eighty-five year old Lew Hollander was given some interesting advice in his lifetime. "When I was a kid, medical pros preached that exercise was bad for you. They said you only have so many heart beats, so don’t waste them."

The 58-time IRONMAN finisher will be on the start line of the IRONMAN World Championship, presented by GoPro, again this weekend, and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the sport’s oldest competitor—which he set at 82 years of age.

Despite the advances in technology and the sport’s intensified focus on diet, training plans, coaches, and qualifying, the The Terrebonne, Ore. native still sees IRONMAN as being all about fun. "The sport has grown over the years, and I love it. They set rules, but it’s a game," he says.

In that spirit, he doesn’t get caught up with the details of specific workouts or training zones. As he consistently shares with anyone who asks, his training plan boils down to the adage, "move it or lose it:" "At 85, that takes some doing," he explains. "I’m not unusual. The only thing I have going for me is persistence. I just do what Lew can do and I’m not too concerned about what other folks do better or worse," he says.

Hollander isn’t one to riff on his own strengths, but persistence isn’t the only factor in his success. A scientist, father, and hall of famer for endurance horse riding, Hollander has demonstrated a lifetime of tenacity and perseverance—and swears it comes down to a simple piece of glass: "I go by the mirror principal," he explains. "I look at my reflection and I ask myself, 'Lew, did you do the best that you could today?"

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