Saturday, June 11, 2016

In which AERC has made a mistake, and voices are needed

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by Aarene Storms
June 9 2016

All y'all, I saw a notice on Facebook this morning that shocked me:

Dennis Summers was handed a 1-year suspension for "unsportsmanlike conduct" by
the AERC Protest and Grievance Committee.


I mean, WHAT???!!!

I'm not going to pretend to be neutral and unbiased. I know too many fine things about the Summers to be impartial, and I feel much too strongly to remain silent.

In fact, I am going to post my entire open letter to the AERC Board (it's down below).

This is a timely issue, with only 30 days for an appeal to be submitted, so rather than wait for the next issue of Endurance News to be mailed, I will post the entire text of the findings of the Protest and Grievance committee on this blog in the next few days. Please stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

I read all of the protests and replies by AERC. I thought it was well researched, everyone had plenty of opportunity to speak, and that the decision was fair, with time off offered if the violator took a class. I was impressed with the decisions and thought processes and consideration given to all.
Just because some one is "nice" to one person is completely meaningless to another. Just because someone has done good deeds, doesn't mean they can't also fail in other places.