Thursday, March 28, 2019's "Between the Ears" Photo Contest: There's Still Time

Merri and Shirley Bossy in France

March 28 2019

You still have time to enter, and vote, in's Between the Ears photo contest. Contest and voting closes midnight April 11. Winners will be announced April 16

Or just browse the fun and beautiful photos looking down the trails between the ears of our equine companions:

The rules are simple: enter your favorite "Between The Ears" photo or photos. And vote for your favorite by sending an email to . The rule is: one vote per email address per day.

Even if you don't enter a photo, you can still enjoy the contest and vote for your favorite every day.

First place (determined by highest number of votes) will receive a small painted portrait of your choice (horse or other pet), courtesy Steph Teeter ( ). "Best Condition" and "Middle of the Pack" prizes will be chosen at digital random: a copy of Merri Melde’s book 'Soul Deep in Horses’, an original edition of Leonard Liesen’s book ‘Endurance: a French Perspective', plus $50 gift certificates from Riding Warehouse!

Entries and votes close Thursday April 11; prize winners will be announced Tuesday April 16.

See the photos and choose your favorite, and more information at:

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