Monday, March 04, 2019

Janet Tipton's Mustang Lady Jasmine (aka Ladybug) Elected to Mountain Region Endurance Riders Hall of Fame

by Janet Tipton

Our MRER Hall of Fame horse was born and raised on the deserts of Nevada in the Antelope HMA near Ely. She was gathered as a 2 year old in December of 1998 and adopted in 1999. And so her story begins.

She began her endurance career in April, 2004 at the Color Country ride in Hurricane, UT. For the next couple of years she completed more rides adding miles each year. She wasn’t fast but she was steady she and her partner were loving their time together exploring new places. They also competed in Extreme Cowboy races and even managed to garner the Extreme Horseman’s Challenge Open Champion title in 2011, as well as traveling the state showing in parades and events with the Aces Wild – An all Mustang Drill team.

In 2009 she received 3rd place National LD Champion. And then in 2011 she placed 2nd Place National LD Champion. However, disaster struck that year and she experienced a devastating injury that cut her season short . Multiple veterinarians said that her career was over and that she would be lucky to be pasture sound . However, with diligent rehab and a little luck thrown in she returned to the trail and showed everyone she wasn’t finished yet. Not by a long shot.

In 2013 the team received the MRER Partners Award and in 2015, at the ripe old age of 19 she had her best year ever. She completed 34 LD rides and 1 Endurance ride garnering her the title of National LD champion. She also surpassed the 5,000 LD mile mark making her the first horse in the history of AERC to do so. This amazing little horse (13.2 hands) has carried a heavy weight rider through it all. She has completed rides in 11 states.

To date her record stands at: 231 ride starts with 229 completions (1 over time and 1 rider option), She has never been pulled from a ride. She has 6045 LD miles, 410 endurance miles and 28 Best Conditions, 12 first place finishes and 91 top ten finishes.
The little horse with the big heart.


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