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Long Distance Rider Gillian Larson Interview Part 2 - Full Article

An interview with long distance rider Gillian Larson - on the support plans behind her expeditions, the highlights of her trails so far and advice for those wanting to give it a go!

23 April 2019
Hannah Phenix

Gillian has completed four amazing journeys on horseback, it was impossible to fit it all into one article! Here, we cover what she takes with her on her journeys and get a better insight into what it takes to start (and finish) a long distance ride. If you want to read about how it all began for Gillian and some of her biggest challenges riding along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada check here:

How do you structure your expeditions, do you aim to keep moving to somewhere new or stay around one place for a couple of days before moving on?

With a long distance ride I don't have the luxury to stay anywhere for any stretch of time; I have to cover an average of 125 to 150 miles a week if I have any chance of getting to the end of the ride before the arrival of winter weather makes it impossible. The further North we go, the sooner the snow starts falling. In both 2016 on the Pacific Crest Trail and 2018 on the Continental Divide Trail, I spent the last few nights before I reached Canada camping in snow. Both times shortly after I finished, big storms came that would have made it impossible to continue. So I am very respectful of Mother Nature!

If I am riding self-supported, as I did on both the Arizona Trail and the Colorado Trail in 2017, and through most of my second Pacific Crest Trail ride in 2016, I have to take a break once a week to resupply and to move my support vehicles to the next location. That's of course where the luxury of having a support person along to help out is an incredible blessing...

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