Friday, August 02, 2019

2019 Tevis Cup Headlamp Policy

RIDERS: Don't forget about the Headlamp Policy this year. Headlamps or any other devices providing light during the Tevis Cup Ride are subject the following policy:

- Headlamps shall not exceed 250 lumens

- Riders shall turn their headlamps off as they approach other horses and riders from behind.

- Riders shall turn off headlamps at the request of other riders.

- Glow sticks attached to the front of a horse are allowed

- Red or other colored lights are subject to the same lumens restriction as white lights

The Cup Committee will monitor for lights that are too bright and ask riders to not use them. The Cup Committee will also address complaints about riders that are disrespectful with their use of headlamps. The intent of this rule is to find a middle ground where some lights can be used but not to the annoyance of other riders.

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