Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Potato: Still Competitive

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Seniors in the Capital Region don’t let age and injury keep them away from sports

By Steve Martarano

It took a protruding tree branch this summer to finally sideline Potato Richardson, the legendary 76-year-old endurance horse rider.

The impact with the branch occurred 2 miles from his 35-acre ranch in Greenwood, near Auburn, while he was training with Arabian horse La Princessa Tzia for the Tevis Cup, a grueling 100-mile one-day mountain race geared to elite riders. Richardson has competed in the race more than 20 times without getting injured, winning it three times, including in 2015 at age 73.

Princessa wasn’t hurt during the stumble, but the fall broke Richardson’s leg in three places, shelving competitions for the rest of the year. As a fitness advocate who worked out with icon Jack LaLanne in the 1960s, the mishap took Richardson away from riding for the first time in his career.

A riding coach for almost 50 years, Richardson says a tree branch isn’t enough to take him down. He says he’s plotting his return for 2020...

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