Friday, February 07, 2020

Endurance Horse Podcast: Rider Health - Part One

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Created February 3, 2020

Welcome to episode 32 of Endurance Horse Podcast!

Rider health is the topic today & it has been a popular one, not surprising, all of us are riders & all have health to deal with. When it comes to rider health we are referring to an encompassing topic. Today we are chatting about everything from overcoming injures, dealing with illnesses, how horses are therapist and yes, some about riders fitness & emotional health. Guess what? SO many files were sent in I couldn't possibly fit them all into one episode, and believe it or not I am about to leave here in an hour to go do a second interview on this topic!

Honestly I was hesitant to cover this topic, as I know some of it can be hard to hear. It maybe easier to trot through a ride camp world where we all just smile and wave at each other- and not be the tiniest bit aware of what could be going on in the body of the other rider--- though think about how much we pay attention to the health of the rider's horse. I hope this episode does a lot to remind us all that all riders have more to contend with than the weather, the horse and the trail.

Christina Hyke

Cheers to the first episode of 2020!


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