Monday, February 10, 2020

Endurance Horse Podcast: Rider Health - Part Two

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Focused on Rider Health

Created February 4, 2020

Welcome to episode 33 of Endurance Horse Podcast!

This topic has been a popular one, and I am having to expand it to a second part and now a part three putting together soon. We are chatting about everything from overcoming injures, dealing with illnesses, how horses are therapist and yes, some about rider fitness & emotional health. Jim joins me for the intro of the podcast & we try to share a walk down memory lane sharing how horses have affected our lives—- though Itty Bitty Naughty Kitty kept biting my feet, take a listen, you will see…we do love Bitty, even when he’s naughty.

There is a bit more about fitness aspect of rider health, and more about horses as therapy.

Sit back, hold on and enjoy the ride!

Welcome to Episode 33 of Endurance Horse Podcast!

~Christina Hyke~


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