Thursday, May 06, 2010

Australia: Long ride on Anzac weekend - Full Article

06 May, 2010

COLLIE hosted the 160 kilometre WAERA Collie Diggers ride on the Anzac Day long weekend.

Officials waved the 10 riders over the start line at midnight on Friday and then settled down to wait for them to finish the first leg.

Glenn Dix and his helpers had marked out a six-leg course for the 160km ride.

One horse vetted out lame at the end of the first leg.

By the time riders set out on the last leg, numbers were down to just five, with some retiring at varying stages.

The veterinary team had a hard decision to make at the end of Anita Fortsch’s last leg, vetting out her Mirriyindi Leia.

The vet team said it is not a decision taken lightly at any stage during any ride but at the end of a 160 it is doubly hard.

The shorter rides started on the Saturday morning.

The 90-km event had 44 entries, the training ride had 27 and the social ride had only six starters.

Come dawn on Anzac Day, a wake up call of a different sort was heard echoing around the camp as a local girl – Jenny Bylung, played the Last Post...

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