Monday, May 24, 2010

Robie monument a possibility in Auburn -
Local man hopes to raise $600,000 for statue

A local man is hoping to represent endurance athlete Wendell Robie in a new piece of community artwork.

But where a proposed statue immortalizing the Tevis Cup founder will go is not set in stone.

Robert Fordney “Potato” Richardson, of Greenwood, said Robie’s huge impact on the city of Auburn merits a monument.

“The heart of endurance started right here by Wendell Robie,” Richardson said. “He has done so many other things for the community that are remarkable and worthy of respect. I’m forming a committee to explore locations, explore all the avenues to get the statue put together, all aspects of the project.”

Robie, a well-known Auburn figure, started the famous endurance-riding event, the Tevis Cup, in 1955.

Bruce Cosgrove, chief executive officer of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce, said he thinks it would be a natural step for Auburn to represent Robie in a statue.

“In recent times Wendell Robie played a major role in Auburn history,” Cosgrove said. “He had a huge investment in the community and employed many of our local residents. Wendell Robie was … a central figure in preserving the Western States Trail and establishing the Tevis Cup.”


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