Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Unsung Heroes: Volunteer Extraordinaire, Dolly Miller - Full Article

May 1, Fort Worth Equestrian Examiner
Becky Burkheart

While the public focus tends to be on the glamorous horse shows and other competitions, the truth is that the majority of horseman simply enjoy being with their horses in a more casual environment and for many that means being out on the trail. It might seem that nothing could be simpler than such a natural thing as going down the trail. Years ago, that was true, but even those who use the trails frequently have never considered the amount of dedicated work that goes into building and managing our modern trails such as the 20,313 acre LBJ National Grasslands in Decatur, Texas.

Because of the ever-growing urbanization and the ever-shrinking wilderness areas, it’s no longer a matter of just riding off into the sunset. Today’s trails require planning and maintenance and for the most part the dedicated volunteers are, at best, unknown, and for the most part unappreciated.

One such volunteer is Dolly Miller...

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