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Endurance Rider Holly Corcoran Has Her Eye on WEG 2014 - Full Article

May 2012 - Marcella Peyre-Ferry

It is a long hard road to the top of any sport, but Holly Corcoran of Stroudsburg PA has gotten there in 50 and 100 mile stretches. Corcoran is actively competing and winning in FEI level endurance rides with an eye toward the WEG in 2014 and more.

Corcoran is a CPA and entrepreneur by profession, yet she is passionate about the sport of endurance riding. Originally from New Jersey, she has always loved trail riding. She grew up with horses, riding since she was six months old when her father first put her on one of the family Morgan horses.

After a fifteen-year hiatus, she returned to riding as an adult, entering the western show ring, and teaching her children to ride. They were involved in 4H, and Corcoran was a club leader for 10 years while the family took part in showing Arabians. “It kind of started off pretty tame. As I was going along, I was finding I was really looking for something different,” she said.

Daughter Kelly is now 21 and nearing graduation from Penn State and has applied to vet school for the fall. That leaves Corcoran time to pursue her love of endurance riding.

Not for Everyone

Endurance riding is not a sport for every horse and rider combination. It involves a timed race over 50 to 100 miles in one day over a marked course, monitored by veterinarians at intermittent checkpoints. Winning requires the horse and rider team to turn in the best time within the maximum time limits of 12 hours for a 50 and 24 hours for a 100 mile ride, plus the horse must be deemed “fit to continue” at the end of the trek...

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