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Injured horse Amigo still going strong; fund helps other animals - Full article & Video

May 23 2012

Written by
Jim Matheny

At the top of the hierarchy for world's most famous race horse, you'll find names like Secretariat, Seabiscuit, and Man O' War.

A couple of years ago, no equestrian name was more famous in East Tennessee than "Amigo." The Arabian endurance race horse obtained champion-level celebrity status without winning a single competition. However, Amigo victoriously triumphed over an obstacle arguably more challenging than any triple crown.

Amigo's Injury

In January 2010, owner Gary Sanderson found Amigo at his barn after the endurance racehorse somehow stabbed himself through the chest with a limb measuring three feet in length. Doctors at the University of Tennessee's Large Animal Clinic initially gave Amigo a two percent chance of survival...

"I've seen some pretty bad things, but he [Amigo] was definitely the worst traumatic injury I've ever seen," said Carla Sommardahl, large animal specialist at the UT Vet School. "The amount of infection from that kind of internal injury was just devastating. But every day that he kept going, we started feeling like maybe we're going to save this one.""

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