Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pritzlaff bloodlines in Distance Horse of the Year

Modern Arabian Horse - Full Article

by Marcha Hayes
Issue 2/2012

Shunning horse shows, Egyptian breeder Richard Pritzlaff nurtured his horses on thousands of acres of northern New Mexico terrain. Endurance rider Crockett Dumas continue this breeding legacy.

She's young, beautiful and has a four-year old at home. She's OT Sara Moniet RSI and AHA's Distance Horse of 2011. Like most working moms in American today, OT Sara Moniet RSI (Sara) has a complex background, life and support system. Bred, fed, trained, shod, and ridden by owner Crockett Dumas of Escalante, Utah, Sara accomplished amazing things in 2011. She completed 31 out of 31 AERC rides, totaling 1,675 miles. Sara finished top ten in all rides except the 2011 100 Mile Tevis Cup, and was declared Best Conditioned at nine events. And although only seven years old at the time, she accomplished these feats carrying a rider/tack combination of around 225 pounds...

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