Monday, May 21, 2012

Toklat Saddle Pads Become "The Official Saddle Pad of the United States Equestrian Federation"

RELEASE: May 17, 2012
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: USEF Communications Department

Lexington, KY - On April 20th 2012, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and Toklat Originals signed an agreement designating Toklat saddle pads as "The Official Saddle Pad of the United States Equestrian Federation." The agreement continues through November, 2013 and for that 18 month period Toklat will provide saddle pads for athletes representing the United States in high performance equestrian disciplines.

At their factory in Lake Oswego, Oregon Toklat Originals designs and manufactures a variety of quality equine products, such as Matrix Saddle Pads and the Classic III series of quilted pads, that have been tested and endorsed by top equestrian athletes. The rigorous quality control enforced by Toklat ensures that high performance riders and horses will be outfitted with premium saddle pads whenever they represent the United States.

About the agreement Judy Auble, Sales Manager at Toklat, says "we're very excited to join with USEF to bring our best quality products to our top athletes."

To learn about the history of the name Toklat (it's an interesting one that's got a little to do with a river in Alaska and a little to do with a bear), and to shop for Toklat products, visit their website

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