Sunday, September 02, 2012

2012 Tevis: 42 Legacy Buckles Awarded

September 2 2012

Instituted in 2012, the Tevis Legacy Buckle Program allows first time finishers to receive, at no charge, a buckle donated by a previous Tevis Cup Ride finisher. The buckles collected by the program this year were from rides as early as the 1960's and from rides as recent as 2011, thanks to the generosity of many donors. At the awards banquet on August 5th, 42 Legacy Buckles were awarded to first time finishers. The photo shows donor Julie Suhr with first time finishers John Donley, a junior rider, and Miriam Rezine. Plans are in place to award Legacy Buckles in 2013. Anyone who would like to donate past buckles is encouraged to do so. Please contact the WSTF office for additional information.

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