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2012 Virginia City 100

September 15, 2012

Kelly Williams and Diamond Ruler L won the 45th annual Virginia City 100 on September 15, 2012, in a ride time of 14:29. It was their 3rd time to complete the ride, after finishing 17th in 2010, and 5th in 2011. Dennis Tracy and Brilliant Disquize tied with Shannon Constanti and TR Sierra Dawn for second and third, in a ride time of 15:13. "VC 100 is a wonderful ride. Equal to, or tougher than Tevis," Shannon said later.

The challenging Virginia City 100 ride annually attracts some tough horses and riders.

Gina Hall and 15-year-old Fire Mt Destiny finished the ride in 9th place. It was Destiny's 8th Virginia City Completion and his 17th 100-mile completion. He has 5640 miles, and 95 rides starts with only 1 pull. In his ride prior to the VC 100, he completed the Tevis Cup. "He's a phenomenal athlete!" Gina's daughter, Carolyn Meier, said. Gina has over 13,000 miles. This was her 13th VC100 completion.

Connie Creech, a long-time supporter of the VC and NASTR (Nevada All-State Trail Riders, Inc) rides, finished in 20th place for her 21st VC100 completion. Connie is one of only 3 riders (the others being Phil Gardner and Al Beaupre) who have earned the 2000-mile Virginia City 100 Buckle. She rode LS Shardonney Bey +/, who has herself finished the ride 3 times. Connie has over 27,000 miles, Shardonney 3700 miles.

It was Kevin Waters and 13-year-old DE Golden Ali's first attempt at the VC100. They finished in 12th place at 1:03 AM, a ride time of 16:47. "He has now down ALL the big ones: Bryce, Mt Carmel, Shellborne five-day rides. Tevis. Old Dominion. Big Horn. VC100. Some more than once!" Kevin said afterwards. "All while carrying not necessarily the most technically advanced rider in the world!!! Go Ali!!!!" Ali went over 5000 miles in the VC ride. He has 90 starts with only 2 pulls, and he's 12 for 12 in 100-mile rides. Kevin has over 23,000 miles.

This year, Nicole Chappell became the youngest rider to earn her 2,000 mile buckle for having completed the Virginia City 100, 20 different times.  Nicole stated:
Goal accomplished! When I was 11 I wanted to be the youngest person to complete 20 times - yes 2000 miles over 20 years- the grueling and very rocky and hilly Virginia City 100 mile one day horse race! Golden Knight carried me to #20 just before midnight sept 15 2012 in 4th place. 3 for 3 top tens on this ride for him and his half sister Zoie!

There were 43 starters, 28 finishers.

Complete results can be seen here.

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