Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nevada Discovery Ride

May 2013 - 450 Miles for Wild Horses

The Scale Has Tipped...

Right now, more than 35,000 wild horses are warehoused in holding facilities across the western United States. These horses will never be returned to the wild, and they languish in limbo. Government roundups continue annually - at a rate that exceeds adoption demand. Something needs to be done...

Nevada is home to more wild horses than any other state. That's why in May 2013, one mustang, one dog, and one human, will journey across the state to bring attention to their plight and encourage adoption.

The trio will trace the Nevada-portion of the American Discovery Trail: a challenging 450 mile route through mountains and deserts, ghost towns and wilderness, sand dunes and state parks, Pony Express stations and tribal lands. This is the 1st ever solo ride along the Nevada ADT! The equestrian adventure will be captured on film as part of an upcoming documentary about wild horses in the West.

We invite you to follow along on our journey, learn about wild horses, and support our cause. Please consider bringing one of these icons of American history into your home!

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