Monday, May 13, 2013

Tevis Trail Maintenance Alert


TRAIL ALERT: The Tevis Trail Maintenance Crew will be working in El Dorado Canyon on the Western States Trail in the vicinity of Kaput Springs on Friday, May 17; Saturday, May 18; and Sunday, May 19. Please do not ride horses in this segment (near Kaput Springs) during this brief three-day timeframe. It is a safety issue, since the narrow trail on a steep cross-slope has no lateral passage for a horse.

OK to ride nearby segments (from Deadwood down to the Swinging Bridge then ascend to Last Chance) and (from Foresthill to Michigan Bluff, then back to Foresthill).

For further questions, please contact Matt Brownlee, US Forest Service; Tahoe National Forest Trail Manager, at Foresthill Ranger Station; or Greg Kimler, WSTF Governor.

The Tevis Trail Maintenance Crew is always glad to have additional volunteers. You will have to sign the official USFS Volunteer papers.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert H. Sydnor
AERC Trail Master and Tevis Trail Crewman

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