Friday, May 24, 2013

To Finish is to Win - Full Article

Hitting the long trail, horseback
ARTICLE | MAY 23, 2013 - 1:00AM | BY NADIA RAZA

It is 4:54 pm along a dusty trail in the high desert of Eastern Oregon. I am out of breath, heaving my weight against a wooden post trying to finesse a centimeter of slack in the latch that is holding together a large, awkward barbed wire fence. There is some urgency to my efforts because two humans and three horses are waiting to access the trail on the other side of the fence. We have been riding for 43 miles and we have seven more to go. Welcome to endurance horse riding.

Endurance riding = horses + humans + wilderness + distance — what could be better? Dominated by Arabian horses that evolved with a unique physiological stamina and enthusiasm for distance, endurance riding is a sport, a tradition and a testament to the relationship between humans and horses...

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