Friday, June 28, 2013

Pony Express Rides Again- Follow The Historic Re-Enactment Today - Full Article

June 17-27, 2013 Follow the riders as they make their way from St. Joseph, Missouri along the original route of the Pony Express to Sacramento, California. Since the journey is ten days of non-stop riding, the phase of the moon was significant in the beginning date. Follow the riders on the trail and more!

Many of us have an iconic image of the Pony Express; a rider galloping into a designated station, throwing the mochila over the next rider’s saddle and sending him on his journey to the next station designated on the planned route. It is a part of the romanticized lore of the American West. The reliance of young, hardy riders on fast horses towards a unified mission of mail delivery became the focus of the endurance of rugged American individualism of the Frontier times. It began in earnest in April of 1860 and ended with the completion of the transcontinental telegraph in October of 1861. A short yet exciting time in American history.

The gold rush of 1848-49 brought prospectors, investors and businessmen to the west coast. The idea for an express mail delivery service to the Pacific coast was prompted by more people making their way to California which entered the Union as a Free State in 1850. It became even more important for communication as the American Civil War began...

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