Thursday, May 07, 2015

Over the Fence: A Young Endurance Champ - Full Article

Meet the teenage winner of the Old Dominion Endurance Ride.

By Kitson Jazynka | Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Kentucky Derby is an exciting two minutes, but what about a race that lasts 100 miles and a teenage girl and her humble horse win it all, finishing in less than 14 hours?

Over the winter, I had a great chat with Bryna Stevenson, a teenaged endurance champ who won the Old Dominion Endurance Ride (they don’t call it a race) which winds up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains in my beloved home state of Virginia.

An edited version of our chat about her love of endurance riding, her horses, and how she managed to win the Old Dominion despite having to ride in the dark, alone with her horse on a rocky mountainside is spread out over a couple of glossy pages in the current issue of Young Rider magazine (May/June 2015).

Bryna got into endurance riding thanks to her parents – her dad, a bicyclist – encouraged her to go for high-level competition. Her mom shared her love of horses and got Bryna started riding as a little girl. She and her mom started endurance riding together when Bryna was eight...

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