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Take Action: Ask Your Senators to Support S. 1110, the "Forest Trails" Bill

May 2 2015

On Wednesday, April 29th, the BCHA National Forest "trails bill" was introduced in bipartisan fashion in the U.S. Senate by Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Michael Enzi (R-WY). 

Senate Bill 1110 (S.1110), the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act, is a companion bill to one BCHA announced in February that is currently before the House of Representatives (H.R. 845). The language of both bills is identical and would promote volunteerism in the service of our national forest trails.
It's great news that the Forest Trails bill has the interest of leaders in both the House and Senate. And why not? Trails and stewardship represent bipartisan issues with no losers--only winners. Trails are just as American as baseball and apple pie.
BCHA strongly supports S.1110 and H.R. 845.
You can click here to read the text of the Senate bill as introduced.
Like H.R. 845, the bill was initially promoted by BCHA and our partners, The Wilderness Society and American Horse Council. Today, the bill enjoys widespread support among the national trails community, including national organizations representing hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists and snowmobile riders.
Form more information on this national partnership, click here.

If enacted as currently written, H.R. 845 and S.1110 would:
• Direct the U.S. Forest Service to develop a strategy to more effectively utilize volunteers and partners to assist in maintaining national forest trails;
• Provide outfitters and guides the ability to pay permit fees in trail maintenance activities instead of dollars;
• Address the liability issue that hampers volunteer and partner trail maintenance activity in some national forests; and
• Prioritize specific areas for trail maintenance within national forests.
Take Action!
Please call or write your senators to express support for S. 1110. 
Go to this website to find contact information for your senators. In your own words, tell them why you support Senate Bill 1110, the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act. Tell them of your passion for, and commitment to, keeping national forest trails open and enjoyed by horsemen and others. Lastly, please ask them to consider co-sponsoring S.1110
If you are a resident of Wyoming or Colorado, please include in your message a heartfelt "Thank You!" to Senators Enzi and Bennet, respectively, for introducing S.1110 on behalf of the Back Country Horsemen.
Feel free to share copies of your letters with BCHA's Advisor for Public Lands & Recreation, including any response you receive from your senators
Thank you! Please call or send letters today to your senators in support of S.1110.
Donald Saner, Chairman
Back Country Horsemen of America

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